Membership Info

Thanks for your interest in membership of ACSI Asia Pacific.

Membership Benefits

Membership of ACSI connects you to a network of Christian Schools globally.  As a member of ACSI Asia Pacific you will receive:

  • A quarterly email newsletter and other email updates on ACSI opportunities, programs and services
  • An ACSI membership certificate (PDF format)
  • Invitation to attend ACSI events and conferences in the Asia Pacific region to provide valuable professional development and networking opportunities.  These include (mostly bi annually):
    • International Christian Educator conference
    • Global leadership conference
    • Regional roundtables and other events

The ACSI Pacific Office is currently in development and with time we will be making more resources and services available to members.

Membership Fees

Membership varies based on the category of your nation (refer the listing below):

Membership Category A Category B Category C
School with up to 100 students $US 125 $US 50 $US 25
School with over 100 students $US 250 $US 100 $US 50

Membership Countries

Indonesia – contact the ACSI Indonesia Office

Philippines – contact the ACSI Philippines Office

Korea – contact the ACSI Korea Office

Australia – contact Christian Schools Australia (an ACSI peer Association)

New Zealand – contact the New Zealand Association for Christian Schools (an ACSI peer Association)

The list of Countries served directly by the ACSI Asia Pacific office are:

Bangladesh (C)
Bhutan (C)
Brunei (A)
Cambodia (C)
China (B)
East Timor (C)
Hong Kong (A)
India (C)
Laos (C)
Nepal (C)
Malaysia (A)
Pakistan (C)
Papua New Guinea (C)
Taiwan (A)
Thailand (B)
Vietnam (C)
The island nations of the South Pacific (C)

You can make a membership enquiry from this page.